Areas of Specialization
Many psychologists are general practitioners, and some
specialize in a particular area. Dr. Rountree's training and
years of clinical experience has resulted in areas of expertise
including assisting adolescents and adults experiencing
trauma who may be developing or have developed Post
Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Dr. Rountree utilizes a
cognitive-processing approach to treating trauma and has
assisted those affected by sexual assault, war, trauma due to
childhood abuse and neglect, as well as trauma induced by
natural disasters (Dr. Rountree assisted the Red Cross
Hurricane Katrina and Rita relief efforts in Louisiana and
assisted families relocated to Indiana after the hurricanes).

Dr. Rountree also specializes assisting adolescents navigate
their way toward identifying their unique selves, sometimes in
the midst of conflict with parents, siblings, and self. Dr.
Rountree has also had extensive experience working with the
GLBT population (adolescents and adults), as well as their
children and other family members.

Depression and anxiety disorders are a reality for millions of
people around the globe. The good news is that these
disorders are treatable in most instances with psychotherapy,
psychotropic medication, or a combination of both. Dr.
Rountree offers services for adolescents and adults facing
challenges related to mood fluctuations including depression
and anxiety disorders.

Common life transitions such as career changes, relocation,
and developmental changes are also an area of focus in Dr.
Rountree's practice.  
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