About Dr. Rountree

Dr. Rountree’s philosophy of human behavior is a strengths-
based, resiliency-based approach.  She believes we all have
incredible capacity to adapt and overcome, even through the
most challenging experiences and views a successful course
of psychotherapy as one that adds to your toolbox. When you
are faced with new challenges, it is important you know
which tool to pull out of your toolbox, how to use it, and
when to put it away.   Dr. Rountree is committed to facilitating
health and wellness with those she works with,  knowing that
if they need to revisit past issues, or work on current ones
they can return to therapy at any time.

Dr. Rountree began her career as a licensed mental health
professional in 1996 after receiving a master’s in clinical
psychology.  During the period from 1996-1999 she provided
therapy to adults, adolescents, and children who were
experiencing difficulty in their family lives.  It was through
these experiences Dr. Rountree learned to appreciate the
resiliency of people from diverse backgrounds and
experiences. No matter what has happened in your life in the
past, there is a very good chance that you CAN overcome and
live your best life, according to Dr. Rountree!

From St. Louis, Dr. Rountree relocated to the Navajo
Reservation in Northern Arizona where she provided
psychological assessments and psychotherapy to children
living in government-run boarding schools as well as their
families. This experience developed her understanding of
diversity and multicultural issues in a way that she couldn’t
have imagined. Living in a very traditional community and
experiencing life as a minority for three years was one of the
best experiences of her life and it definitely shaped her
professional identity as a psychologist.

Dr. Rountree graduated with her Ph.D. in Counseling
Psychology from Ball State University in 2005 after
accumulating a tremendous amount of experience in private
practice, community mental health settings, as well as
inpatient psychiatric units. After working in Indianapolis for
two years in a community mental health setting, she relocated
to Hawaii.  She is a licensed psychologist in Hawaii and
Indiana, and Hawaii’s only Registered Custody Evaluator and
recognized as an academy fellow by the Professional Academy
of Custody Evaluators (P.A.C.E.)

During her downtime, Dr. Rountree enjoys spending time with
friends and family, swimming, and exploring the Hawaiian
1221 Kapiolani Blvd, PH 38 Honolulu, HI 96814         Phone: 808-489-5919          Clare M. Rountree, Ph.D., LLC